You can make difference now and for future generations!Every time you make a booking, we plant a Tree!

In we are trying to make the difference for a better world! The reality is that every time any of us travels, we use electricity, gas or fuel, so naturally in almost every daily activity we are contributing to increase of harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions or green house gases. Traveling as it big share of guilty (plane, car) have largely contributed to climate exchanges.

We know that sometimes we all get careless, and don't find the time or the feeling to be on a 24h a day alert to be Green! So, we figure out that the best way to help you contribute is by the simplest action of planting a tree for you.

One dollar, one tree, one planet.

The Big Goal

Let's reforest the world! We came across several organizations that are in a mission worldly to plant trees! The one that seem to us as one of the more dedicated in its mission to "save the world" was The Nature Conservancy. This organizations has an on-going project called Plant A Billion Trees. Their big goal is to plant 1 Billion Trees in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil for the next 7 years, and we want to make our contribution!! Just to have an little idea, this renovation of the forest will be responsible for cleaning 10 millions tons of CO2 every year (this is the same as taking 2 millions off the road).

On we set the goal to contribute with 100 trees during the next two years, so every time you make a booking though our Hostel search Engine we will make sure that a tree is planted! Please take in care that only bookings with an total value over 100€/£/$ are countable. Every other booking under this value will also make it's contribution to this project, for each ten we plant one tree!

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