Top 10 tips for train traveling

toptrain gives you a list of the TOP 10 tips for chillers that decide to go by train.

Have you been having the idea to go meet the world by train? Find out the top 10 tips that you need to know! Spend time researching for tickets and timetables you never know when you'll be needing them!

1Get informed before you go!

You should be thinking of start printing all train schedules for your trip before you go! Usually if a station has an Information desk you can clear all you doubts! But don't expect everyone to speak your native language so be prepared! This is especially important in crowded stations. Find Departing Train information by consulting LCD's, posters and printed schedules at the stations.

2Buying Tickets

Start by seeing what can you book online! If you know the date for your travel you can book many one-way or round-trip tickets online. For same main routes its also available open departure day ticket! At the station just go to the ticket window and have ready your Train time or number, class, one-way or round trip, and when you want to go. Some trains require seat reservation so try to book your tickets in advance! Fast trains are usually more expensive!

3Specials and Discounts

Double check or triple check if you have discount for your tickets! Online or at the station always try to show your student card or youth card or anything that can give you discounts! Also ask what's the cheapest train on the day cause you will probably find much cheaper ones with low difference on the times. Choosing the right rail pass may also clear some costs!


Long distance trains usually have restaurant or cafe cars. Medium distance trains may only suply small sandwiches, snacks, drinks and coffee. If you try the regional trains, they often carry no food or beverages. The best way to assure that you don't run short on food supplies keeping on budget is to check out local stores in the cities you visit or inside the train station. Buy food on supermarkets is always cheaper than bought on train!

5Finding Your Train & Place

When searching for your train at the station start by asking the railways officers by showing you ticket! On long distance train you have always a welcomer next to your train that can help you find your car! If the train has reserved seats, find yours and seat back to enjoy the ride!

6Without reservation!

Just sit anywhere in your class. But keep always something in your seat even if you have to go to the toilet or restaurant car so you're seat doesn't get bumped! And always keep an eye on your bags!

7Am I Safe?

Safe can be an issue on some alternative routes and when travelling in specific countries. Please always get informe about the countries you visit to know if its safe to pass by. There's many trains that have lockers that only open from inside. Don't flash out gadgets or fancy mobile phone all over the train, and when travel alone don't tell people that right way! Its always best to say that someone's waiting for you on the next stop!

8What's REALLY cheap?

Trains in the southern part of Europe are cheaper than trains in the north. Slower trains are also cheaper and can be good alternatives for travelers that are not in a worry to get to their destination or wish to make stops on the way. Don't forget regional trains usually don't carry any fodd and bevareage on board! Always ask about special passes that might be available in the main stations for the country you are traveling.

9Am I Valid to go on board?

Many countries is compulsory to validate your ticket before you get on the train. This prevents multiple usage of the ticket, especially if the ticket is valid for months. Ask at the line or information desk if you have to validate your ticket!

10Save Money on Overnight Trains

Consider taking longer trips on an overnight train. You can often buy a couchette or bunk on a train that allow you to travel bigger distances usually for cheaper prices. You'll save a hostel night or wasting time during the day!

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