TOP 10 Tips for long distance bus rides

topbus gives you a list of the TOP 10 tips for chillers that decide to get on long bus rides.

We sure advise to do so as can be much more cheaper and its also more Green! But take in consideration our advises so you can get the most out of it!

1Choose wisely which company you go with!

In some countries there more than one company to choose to the same destination! Get adviced from locals, fellow travelers or internet before you go! At the station check out which people are nicer and do you own enquiry. Above all trust your instincts!

2Get some snacks before you go!

Even if it included on your ride a snack or food always bring something along with you! Not always the bus company is gona give you something you like, or you might get extra-hungry cause usually bus rides make you! So grab a small plastic bag and pass by a local grossery shop! This also prevents you to spend extra money unnecessarily. What to eat is really up to you! Just keep in mind something simple, filling, and easy to eat!Keep in mind that gas stations on the way to buy fodd are always expensive! And in a 15h hour bus ride they don't come very often!

3Keep your small bag with you!

If you are traveling with several bags always keep a small one with you with essentials things as electronic devices, gadgets, food, water and anything else that can keep you occupied! Never forget that the bus doesn't stop for you to get some sweater or food that was left in other bags! Always keep with you money and valuables!

4Life saving WATER!

Specialy on long bus rides always buy as much water as you can before you go! Just thinking of the air-conditioning either if its too hot or too cold you will always feel good with water! And if your bus as a flat tire and you have to stay in the sun for a couple of hours, water is always a life saver!

5Be prepared for the weather inside the bus!

No matter if it's hot summer outside always take a sweater with you inside the bus! Sometimes air-conditioning can bring really winter inside, and after you the bus starts going you will want a sweater to cousy your head when sleeping or to dress if you are cold!

6Surviving Kit!

Toilet paper is like water! Can be a life saver! For anything! Drink that got in the floor, cleaning your nose or when using the bus toilet! Be prepared also with some pills in case of getting road sick! Yes, even for the strong ones a 24h bus ride can drive you stomach insane! And they always give you enormous amount of sleepiness! Easy you can turn a long ride into a nice dream.

7Don't seat in the front of the bus!

When you buy the ticket ask straight away if there's reserved seat on board! If not, find you way quickly to the midle or the end of the bus. You can imagine as sun comes in the bus to burn your face you'll have nowhere to hide from it! Also keeping you eyes on the road for 24h paying attention to the driver skills can sometimes give you an hearth attack!!

8What's REALLY cheap?

Buses in the southern part of Europe are cheaper than in the north. Also in South America buses are really the way for inter city travel! Try always to show pff your student or youth card cause you never know when you will get some sort of discount!

9Travel at night!

If you aren't on the mood to see entire families and crying babies on the bus travel at night! Time passes by more quick if you sleeping now and there! And night buses tend to have fewer stops so you will get faster to your destination!

10Take advantage of pit stops!

Don't skip pit stops just because you are sleeping or bored to go out! It's always good to refill food and water suplies and for you to strech you legs! You also can do some onbus gymnastics, but you will look like a crazy person and nothing feels better than a small walk to keep your muscles alive!

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