strongly advices everyone who loves to travel to try to do it as much as possible!

In this section of our website you will find many tips and links for several ways to travel. By train, by bus, by plane, by car, by hitchhiking, by caravan, by bike go as you please! For all those travelers, nomads, road-living chillers you can find everything you need!.

Grab every piece of information you can before you go in your big journey cause you never know when you be needing that train schedule, bus route or camping site!

How do you want to travel the world?

By train meeting new people and looking to the world passing by on the window...

To go meet the world by train is a unique experience. To be able to seat back, look out the window and see the passing by landscape. You will meet new people and you can do it on a low budget!

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By bus you are ready to go everywhere with a low budget.

Bus is always an option when traveling on a low budget! You can't always go by train cause they have to stick to their routes but you don't! Keep an eye on our links and compare prices before you go!

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By plane gets you anywhere fast enough for you to chill out on the destination!

Plane became one of the cheapest and fastest way for modern traveling. You can go almost anywhere in the world on a low-cost airline. Most of the times it gets much cheaper is you just fly! But of course you will miss all the fun of a 7 days train trip!

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