Meet Tokyo!

Tokyo is a modern and cosmopolitan city. Sky-scrappers, neon lights, gadgets stores, numerous bars, pubs and huge living quarters with a futuristic architecture makes you jump to the next century!

Truly a metropolitan city of the future! But the city is also rich in culture and tradition, to temples and sanctuaries, to a Zen attitude that lives in the soul of the locals.

The Spring is when you should be at Tokyo, to see the renowned cherry blossom of Yasukuni Shrine in full bloom. This Shinto Shrine was dedicated to soldiers and others that died for the Emperor of Japan, besides it's mystical magic it's a place where you can get a glimpse of Japanese Non-Buddhist Architecture, a remarkable world heritage.

If you want to try some Japanese start for saying konnichiha (pronounced as konnichiwa) that means Hello! But be prepared to NOT understand more far than the Hello people will give you back cause in spite of very easy pronunciations in some simple words, Japanese is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world.

Shinjuku Station is an gigant terminal combine multiple rail lines for short and long distance travels in Japan. This landmark is located in Shinjuku-ku, the new center of Tokyo, full with people, surrounded by the tallest buildings and the rumble of traffic always on the move. Popular among locals is the colorful Shibuya one of Tokyo's most busy districts, an inspiration for several trends and fashions that spread around the eccentric young people.

To the north-east of central Tokyo you will find the Asakusa district that holds the biggest city collection of temples and monuments. To frequent to catch a matsuri (Shinto festival) on the streets. The colorful location and chill out atmosphere makes Asakusa a popular accommodation choice for budget travelers.

This futuristic cities has 8 million inhabitants a quite more visitng and going in and out every day, these makes it a place of excess's, ecccentrism and contrasts. You never stop being amazed by the differences in culture and lifestyle comparing to the Western countries.. But that's what's travel is all about, finding somethings new while discovering the world outside your own backyard!

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