Sunset in Greece

The Sunset in Greece shines with grace in all country, but it's in the islands that it makes the perfect combination with culture, lifestyle and just an immensity of natural beauty.

There are about 6 000 islands and islets in Greece, so to try to narrow down your choice we've elected the top Islands in Greece to Chill Out, Santorini, Crete and Corfu. You can't say if seen the most beautiful sunset in the world without try it in Greece!

Santorini is the jewel of the crown. White sculptured houses are nested in the top of volcanic cliffs that rise up sharply to the deep Aegean Sea. Words cannot describe this land that resembles to a concept of paradise, combining the men's artistically inspiration with natural beauty. In a very Greek way you can appreciate just by sit down in at a café and tryout a Frappé (Greek cold coffee), chilling in the Sun! The white walls on the houses turn to a light Pink when the sun goes down making it a wonderful scene for photographers or artists.

Ia is one of the most exquisite of Santorini's villages. There are elegant art galleries, stylish cafes, shops and restaurants.

Greece is also well know by it's Mediterranean flavors, so never be afraid to try anything when it comes to food! The fresh salads with tomatoes and cucumber, spiced with Feta (traditional greek goat cheese) and the popular Gyros, served with pita bread, meat and onions, cover with the delicious Tzatziki always available in every stall or street food market. A delightful snack for a very low budget, with prices vary around 1,50 to 3,50€.

Crete is the largest and most diverse of the Greek Islands, there are beaches, resorts, archaeological site spread across cities and villages. The ancient past is always at the end of the street in Greece. The interior holds high mountains peaks and is very popular among hikers and climbers.

Crete always maintained their identity proud of distinctive rich culture. They have their own dialect, and the a magnificent Cretan wine hold by the locals as their traditional drink. The people are also known by their happy away of living, surrounded by simplicity and music. Also one of the most well preserve cultural patrimonial is the Pentozali a unique folk dance of the island of Crete. You should definitely try to go away from group tours and find out scenes and landscapes from Old Crete. Place like The Ports of Rethimnon and Hania are full with heritage and charm.

Corfu makes you doubt if you are still in Greece or if you have already arrived to Italy, but be sure you can get Ouzo (traditional Greek drink, very strong, smiliar to Sambuca) or try an afternoon frappé anywhere with the large number of tavernas around. Among locals Glyfada is considered the island's best beach, and don't forget that the sea is always very warm and inviting you for a many hours natural bath, deeply with pleasure!

Rhodes And Mykonos are also to take in consideration as a part of the Greek Islands experience, Rhodes by it's cultural richness and Turkish influence still present nowadays and Mykonos by it's contrasts of white and bronze and of course if you talk Mykonos you have to be aware of the cosmopolitan exuberant night life, very popular in the summer among tourist from all over the world (some times it gets to crowded!!)

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