London, lover's escape

Come and see for yourself the thrill of a multi-cultural Urban pot with all day around things to do, places always to visit and unique experiences.

The city boosts a great spirit of society combining it's Imperial past and the upbeat of the future. London is one of the most desirable places to visit in the world.

Wherever the purpose that brings you there, true be said, there's plenty for many, there's a wide range of events, theaters, shows and museums to visit. From incredibly shopping deals to the authentic urban eccentric monuments, you will be able to fill your eyes with outdoor urban wonders.

You can easily get from one place to another using one of the most reliable and affordable transport network I have ever been to. The London Tube.. Specially if you buy the Oyster Card (otherwise it can get pretty expensive!!), that allows you to travel in Bus and Tube around the city for a period of time, you can get information on every station and it can really some some pounds!

But it is the electricity of London that makes you feel different, the diversity of people around each corner, In Piccadilly Circus, the neon lights can make you feel as if you were in a movie. The rush during the day to the showbiz at night with casinos, cinemas, theaters just 2 m walking in Leicester Square, this makes London a double-face capital that lives 24h a day.

Just across the street you can walk in the Oxford street, the high street for shopping lovers! Prepare to be dazzled by counter-watch run against time from those who must comply with their obligations, the city never stops. It is an on-going movement of people, cars, typical double deck British buses, London Black Cabs and brave cyclists drilling through traffic.

Also close by the city's present Chinatown in the Soho Area. It have lots of restaurants, bars, mini markets and bakeries all off them bring a little bit more of China to London. My advise is to go in somewhere and try something just for the hack of it! Enjoy being in Europe and having access to some many different things from so far away. Usually the street holds typically Chinese decorations, specially in the Chinese New Year Celebrations!

Located in the North London is the inner-city of Punks and Goths: The unique Camden Town. The well-known labyrinths of markets, food stands, streets sellers, atmospherically liberal attitude and pop culture. This is the nest of London's punks and you can still find out there in the streets of Camden. Take good time to visit these area cause there's lots of good deal to be made in clothes, souvenirs, barging, paintings, jewels, rugs, shoes and everything else that you will definitely find!

There's many wonders that London is know for: The London Bridge, the Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, the Hyde Park. But some of them can get pretty expensive to visit, as the Tower of London, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace. Still there's plenty to be seem and most of it comes for free in London. Certain a place to awake your senses and making you enjoy being apart of this world!

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