Surf In France

World Class beaches, the joy of the French language and the laissez-faire attitude towards life, especially in the countryside regions makes this country a unique opportunity in Europe to grab some very consistent swells.

The Atlantic coast combines the best conditions and receives the best swells! In the south only small swells are generated and doesn't give enough space to surf. At the north coast you can still have some fun with swells creeping along the channel.

If you thinking to going to France to grab some waves here's the main regions for the best practice. There is the North coastline of France, from Brest, in the west corner, all the way to Belgium. The hottest place for surf is definitely the west side of the north coast, you will get some nice reef breaks. As you come more to the east the worst the swell becomes.
Another region is the Mediterranean coast in the South, usually filled with tourist fighting for their place in the Sun this is not a very common, almost non-existent. If you want to drive France searching for the best conditions don't bother to stop here!

At this point you already realize that the best place to surf in the massive plus than 200 km beach's west coast. This is the place to go if you want to get some top waves, both experts and beginners have their place on this land! This region is well-known among locals surfers, and it's split into three main surfing areas, at south the Silver Coast (connecting with north Spain), holding the world class beach Hossegor. If the swell is good prepare for crowds, specially in the summer. The quality of waves here is extremely good due to the shape of the bay. Upwards the Coast of Light – great for beginners - stretching all the way up to the last area, Britanny (furthest to the north). The last one has a big variety of wave types suit for your skills.

Surfing in France can sound like ”too good to be true” but it it's in this country that lies the origins of surfing in Europe, so it sure earn the right to be elected as a top surfers trip in Europe! Besides you can get cultural in almost every city you pass by, or just enjoy flavors of a warm mourning baguette!

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