Rock Climbing in Croatia

It's the pearl of Balkans, with a immense coastline of natural beauty. Croatia offers to its visitors a pleasant Zagreb, with a lay back atmosphere and filed with Austro-Hungarian architecture in the city center.

From the beauty of the lakes in Plitvice to the ancient remains of the Roman Empire in Pula and the vibrant coastline of Dalmatia with cities like Split, Dubrovnik and the outdoor museum Trogir. The one thousand isles like Hvar e Korcula, surrounded by crystal waters of the Adriatic Sea. The people in Croatia are known to be elegant, sensual and excellency hosts!

For many reasons Croatia is a must visit destination, but it's in it´s mountains that relies one of the most adventours activities to make, the Croatian Rock Climbing. With being a mountainous country, Croatia offers a wide range of diferent praticises, from sports climbing (single and multi-pith) to multi-pitch traditional routes to bouldering on rock. The best time of the year for climbing in Croatia is October to February. But climbing is possible during all year around. The main trouble that a climber may encounter in other seasons is the summer heat and lack of water.

The Paklenica National Park is the most famous place in Croatia to go rock climbing! The proximity with the sea makes it a perfect earth-water combination. The area is located near Zadar, in the center of the country. Paklenica offers to the climber everything from single pitch bolted sports routes to multi-pitch sports. A route not to be missed is the ones on the 350-meter Limestone walls of Anica Kuk (set here by the Remy brothers which marks the begining of climbing in Croatia). This routes is an example of the thrill you can get from this extreme experiences.

A different region from the mountains in the mainland is definitely the island mountains. Shaped by years and years of sea enforcing shapes and rough edges in these rocks. The coast of Dugi otok with its vertical cliffs that rear right up from the sea for over 100 meters. Other well known areas by locals for climbing are Miss Jadrana and Crown point in Hvar Island.

Croatia is a land of diversity, ideal for Extreme Travelers searching for exciting vacations! Try a little bit of everything and no mater what are your limits be sure that you can always take a bath in warms waters or enjoy the paradisiac climate.

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