Be Free in Algarve

Did you ever imagine that is possible to get beach, culture, parties, quietness and escapes in one place? Algarve is this and much more....

Europe's West Coast, Portugal is a land of tradition and natural beauty. The Algarve, in the south of the country, is a region of contrasts and colors.

Firstly the amazing coastline of with long beaches, the smell of the sea, the variety of dishes specially made with fresh fish straight from the fisher's nets.

The mountains regions, filled with green and walking paths, worthy of the most adventurous travelers. Be Free in the Algarve, as enjoy the nature that is always around, take a chance to get away from the cities and enjoy the peacefulness of the locals, enjoying the simpleness of live in a relax mod.

The Cliffs in Sagres, mark the end of a region spread with sand, this region is well-known by local Surfers you will get the chance to watch them fight for a wave! The highlights of gold, green and blue complete your senses with a magically freedom of being alive. Sometimes the best is just to let it go and enjoy the Sun and the landscape you are involved by. Elder villages with a tangled web of narrow streets, alleys and steps are the best ways to know the real tradition behind the Portuguese History in Algarve, and how the old memories of conquest in the seas still lives in the heart and soul of the locals.

A vibrant region with on-going events all year around, ideal for a low budget cause you will find good prices on food and goods comparing to other Europeans destinations. A perfect destination for couples to spark the flame and friends looking for a Funny Summer!

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